Hardcore Chocolate Cookie Box – three sizes

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Any more chocolate in them, and we couldn’t legally call them a Cookie!

The average Australian eats around 6kgs of the stuff each year. Whilst Cocoa is decadent and a little bit naughty, it’s widely believed to contain health-enhancing properties. That means for all you chocoholics….. it’s actually good for you!

Each Hardcore Cookie Box contains the following:

White Chocolate & Macadamia

This is what we’re famous for! We’ve taken a “classic” cookie combination and in Redzed “fashion”, used the freshest macadamias (literally straight from the farm), creamy white chocolate chunks bursting at the seams in our own secret recipe cookie.

Chocolate Mud Hazelnut

Crunchy roasted hazelnuts & intense rich chocolate packed into a “Muddy” chocolate cookie. Finished with a fine netting of dark chocolate on top. Not for the faint hearted.

Chewy Caramel

Deliciously sweet and “more-ish”. Stuffed full with chewy chunks of caramel and white chocolate. Dressed with a splash of white chocolate.

Original Chocolate Chip

A supreme vanilla cookie blended with opposing bitter sweet chocolate “notes”. Both sweet and full bodied on the palate, baked on the western side of the hill.

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