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Make a difference

October is Mental Health Month which is a good reminder for all of us to pay attention to our own wellbeing and check in with those around us.
Social connections are closely tied to our physical and mental wellbeing. Having someone to talk to and support you is important. In other words, social connections, interactions and networks matter.

Looking after yourself

We all benefit from self-care activities and actions in different ways. It’s important to make time for activities you enjoy and that help you to relax.  Make sure you manage your stress levels and find healthy stress-busters like walking, yoga or meditation. Take time out to stroll on the beach, read a book, buy some flowers or enjoy a cup of coffee with your favourite Redzed cookie.

Self-care also includes surrounding yourself with the right people. Spend time with family and friends who make you feel good about yourself. This is especially important during challenging times. Learn to recognise when you need help from others and ask for support. Reach out to friends, family, your doctor, a psychologist or another health professional. Services like Beyond Blue also provide support and advice for anyone in need.

Looking out for others

In our busy lives with lots of distractions it’s easy to feel disconnected or lose touch with some of the people in our lives. We can all make a difference by reaching our to someone we know and just letting them know we care. A simple gesture goes a long way.
Leave a note for someone you love or surprise a colleague with a cup of coffee. Pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. Invite someone to go for a walk or run at your local park. Offer to cook for someone special or pick up takeaway and invite yourself over. Aim to impress and send a Redzed Cookie Box to brighten someone’s day.

The bottom line is that it’s not what you do that is important but the fact that you are connecting with the people around you. Check in with someone today and make a difference.

Corporate gifts strengthen relationships

Corporate gifts can help build stronger business relationships. Surprising your clients or staff with a gift helps establish or enhance your connection. Clients and staff are more likely to think of you and the business in a positive light if you show you care about the relationship you have with them. The most common reasons for giving a corporate gift include welcoming a new client, showing appreciation for business agreements, expressing gratitude to staff and celebrating milestones.

Buying an impressive corporate gift has never been easier. Redzed gift boxes can be shipped Australia wide and to a range of international destinations. We can also customise boxes with your corporate logo and branding. An impressive custom gift can be a powerful marketing tool. Contact our team to discuss your branding requirements.

Our VIP Ultimate Redzed Experience box has the best of everything. It includes an abundance of delicious Redzed Gourmet hand-finished Cookies, Chocolates, Rocky Road as well as an ever-popular tray beautiful Belgian chocolates. We have paired these treats we with Artisan coffee and tea, a set of mugs, coasters, a serving tray, a coffee plunger and a bottle of Port. Corporate gifts come packed in matt black gift boxes tied with red satin ribbon and include a complimentary gift card with a personalised message.

Stand out from the crowd and order one of our corporate gift boxes today.

Aussies do it differently

Aussies do it differently

We all know when it is right? Father’s Day — the first Sunday of September, when we honour the fathers and father figures in our lives. Nobody seems to know exactly when Father’s Day was first celebrated in Australia but there are some references to it in the early 1930’s. It was officially designated as the first Sunday in September through the Commonwealth in 1964.

There was no official reason was given for the choice of date, but it is a widely held belief that September was chosen for commercial benefits. It fits almost perfectly between Mother’s Day and Christmas in a calendar year, giving shoppers plenty of time to shop for everyone.

Forget the jocks and socks this Father’s Day. Celebrate Dad with a hand-picked selection of our chocolate and cookie treats.

Order now to send that special man a Redzed cookie box or gourmet hamper to let him know just how much you love and appreciate him this Father’s Day and always!

The elves are busy baking at Redzed

It’s all hands on deck at Redzed HQ.  Santa’s Elves are busy in our kitchen baking cookies and creating Christmas chocolates to ship all around Australia. Redzed’s artisan cookie boxes and gift hampers have something for everyone.  Order online for your family, friends, clients and work mates then sit back and relax.

Christmas gifts can be so easy and SO delicious.  Why not put something under the tree for you too?