About Redzed Cookies Australia

We’re delivering delicious moments.

Old Family PhotoRedzed Australian Gourmet Cookies are so much more than mere bites of baked dough. They’re little treasures, gifts for someone you care about, or gifts for yourself. They’re indulgences and sure, guilty pleasures.

Our products are wholesome and made from quality ingredients but they’re not ‘health foods’. Treating yourself or someone else to a Redzed cookie is about taking a moment to appreciate the good things in life.

Once upon a time …

… a tiny shop on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia produced delectable handmade chocolates and cookies. The locals loved them so much that we rapidly grew a loyal following with our made to order specialties. Soon, cafes and hospitality outlets caught on and we began wholesaling to them so more people could enjoy our goodies. Ten years on, we’re still delivering to those same customers but we now ship all over Australia and spread the Redzed love a whole lot farther and wider.

The really special ingredients …

Old Family PhotoIt’s not a stretch to say that a lot of love and care goes into Redzed cookies; not just the flour, sugar and butter but also in the way we package and deliver with care. Our memories of baking in the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers – aprons tied around our waists, wooden spoons in hand – are precious and firmly entrenched.

These days we just do it on a bigger scale so we can delight many more cookie lovers.


Redzed loves to bake for you when you can’t

Old Family Photo

In the real world, everyone is rushing around, working and trying to keep up with commitments. So few people have the time to bake, even though they’d love the luxury of spending hours at home planning wonderful foodie treats and knowing exactly what goes into them.

When you don’t have the time but you still want to serve delicious goodies made with quality ingredients Redzed Cookies is the next best thing.

Some of our devoted customers stock up on fresh supplies of their favourites every single week. Apparently some share with loved ones, while others keep them all to themselves!

Business owners and staff all around Australia truly value the special packages we deliver for their meetings and to celebrate achievements. Impressions always count. Some lucky employees are treated to Redzed delights for the staffroom every week!

Go on. Treat yourself or someone else who deserves a Redzed cookie moment.