Dear Redzed Community,

It is with great sadness that I announce that Redzed Pty Ltd has closed as of 13 January 2021.
When we started Redzed in 2002 our goal was to make great products that were delicious and clean. With an understanding of business but no real understanding of the food manufacturing world, we set out to make a product that was artisan and better than those that were just ‘pumped out’ without any great care.
In the early years we had many successes. Redzed Cookies were adopted locally and quickly interstate. Year after year we doubled turnover as we delighted in delighting our community with our flavour originality Aussie humour and quality. From Farmer’s markets and local cafes to supermarket and national café chains, we went from strength to strength. However, the food manufacturing industry and most recently the hospitality industry, can be a tough gig.
Over the last few years our great country has suffered flood, drought and bushfires. These have commonly affected our customers and the greater economy. Ingredients prices shot up as a result and margins got squeezed but our retail prices were capped. Often butter had been bought in advance by China leaving little for Aussie manufacturers and at exorbitant prices. Whilst we maintained the same level of clientele, there was no longer enough margin to make it sustainable long term……and then came the 1 in 100 year pandemic – COVID-19……
Being based on the Gold Coast and inside the QLD border meant that business immediately became scarce and we were forced to close temporarily, or so we thought. Over the months we have seen many of our beautiful café customers fold and for some it was their life’s work. Heartbreaking. And then it was our turn….
There were many a day and night I poured over the figures and agonized over this decision. I have never known stress and despair like it. It affected my family, my friends and my health. I take my responsibilities very seriously and to face the prospect of letting down my team, suppliers and family was almost too much to bear.
After almost two decades we were no longer able to sustain ourselves. There was not enough consistency or certainty to be able to see Redzed through this very unstable period. With no possible path back, it was time to finish it.
Whilst I have great sadness over the loss, I have much to be thankful for. Over the years I have had many wonderful team members, fantastically loyal customers and many many good times. It has truly served as life’s university and I am grateful for every lesson I have learned along the way.
To all of you who have walked this journey with me, thank you for being a part of our dream. I am proud to be someone who has a ‘’bloody good go’’ and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Fleur Trickey
Managing Director
Redzed Pty Ltd
2002 – 2021